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    LED 7 Colors Random Changing Hydroelectric Generation Shower Head

    Manufacturer: Serier Electronics
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    SKU: BG-939887

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    LED 7 Colors Random Changing Hydroelectric Generation Shower Head

    This shower head is made of ABS and the lights twinkle because of hydraulic power generation. It is no need power and battaries, when the water flow to the micro generator, LED lights can twinkle randomly with 7 colors.
    When showering with this shower head, multi-colors changing randomly can help you to release stress, eliminate fatigue and brings you a good mood :)
    Different colors has different functions for people skin, such as red color can promoting blood circulation; purple has function of sterilization; blue can reduce inflammation; green can release stress; yellow can whitening skin.

    Material: ABS
    Color: 7 color change randomly ( purple, red, yellow, pink, blue,sky blue, green)
    Size of the shower head: about 215x79x18mm
    Function: rain shower, LED luminescence
    Installation type: wall mounted
    Nominal pressure: about 0.8MPA
    Type: hand held
    Working temperature: 0 to 90 centigrade

    How to use:
    Install the hose with the shower head hose mouth about 20mm.

    Warm note:
    Please note that this shower head can not change color according to temperature, it just change color randomly.
    This showerhead is no need battary. Its power cames from hydroelectric generation, so it needs suitable water pressure that helps hydroelectric generator to work and then supplies power to the LED lights.
    Please hang on your shower head tight avoid slipping.
    If it is clogged, please remove obstruction from the water panel.

    Package Included:
    1x Shower head

    Details pictures:
    shower head

    led shower head

    shower head

    bathroom shower sprayer

    water shower head

    automatic changing shower head

    7 color shower head

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