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    Digoo DG-C3 Wireless Color Backlit USB Hygrometer Thermometer Weather Forecast Station Alarm Clock

    Manufacturer: Serier Electronics

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    SKU: BG-1132162

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    ModelDG-C3 Wireless USB 
    Weather Forecast Alarm Clock Station
    Size14cm x 9cm x 1.9cm / 5.5x 3.5" x 0.7"
    Color Black
    DisplayTemperature & Humidity (°C/°F)
    Time & Date 
    Alarm Function & Snooze Function
    Weather Forecast & Temperature Trend Indication
    Temeperature TrendTwelve Hours Temperature Fluctuation Trend
    Hours 12 / 24 Hours Selectable
    Comfort LevelComfort / Dry / Wet
    Weather ForecastSunny, Partly Cloudy, Cloudy, Rainy
    Tem & Humi
    Indoor Temperature : - 10°C ~ 50°C ( 14°F ~  122°F)
    Indoor Humidity : 20% RH ~  90% RH
    Date DisplayMON & TUE & WED & THU
    FRI & SAT & SUN
    Power By3 x AAA Batteries Matching the Polarity
    Connect it by Special USB Cable (Include)
    Convenient Work on ANY USB PORT :)
    Main Feature :
    - Records Max / Min Indoor Temperature with Trend Indication
    - Adaptor Hole : for Creating Perpetual Backlight.

    USB Port :

    There is an Round-Hole at the back of DG-C3, connect it by the includes USB cable with computer or power plug to create perpetual backlight.
    It will be the best parther on your desk.

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    Package Includes :

    1 x Digoo DG-C3 Wireless Color Backlit USB Weather Forecast Station Alarm Clock
    1 x Digoo DG-C3 Full English User Manual
    1 x Digoo DG-C3 Special USB Power Cable (Simply 5V 1A Required)
    1 x Digoo DG-C3 Original Color Gift Packaging


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