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    BESTEP 2 Channel 5V Relay Module High And Low Level Trigger For Auduino

    Produttore: Serier Electronics
    BESTEP 2 Channel 5V Relay Module High And Low Level Trigger For Auduino


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    The module uses genuine quality relay, normal open interface maximum load: AC 250V/10A, DC 30V/10A.
    The chip optocoupler isolation, strong driving ability, stable performance, trigger current 5mA.
    Working voltage is 5V.
    Each channel of the module can be set up by high jumper or low level trigger.
    Fault tolerant design, even if the control line is broken, the relay will not act.
    Power indicator (green), 2 relay status indicator (red).
    The interface design is humanized, all interfaces can be directly connected through the terminals, so it is very convenient.
    Module size: 50mm x 42mm x 18.5mm (length x width x height).
    There are 4 fixed bolt holes, holes 3.1mm, spacing 67mm x 44.5mm.

    Module interface:
    1, DC+: Connect the power positive pole (voltage according to relay 5V).
    2, DC-: Connect the power negative pole.
    3, IN1-IN2: According to the setting of each way, the corresponding relay-operating can be controlled by high or low level.
    Relay output: there is a 6 wire interface, all interfaces can be directly connected to lead to facilitate user use.
    1, NO1--NO2: Relay normal open, the relay suspends before pulling in, and then short-connect with the COM.
    2, COM1--COM2: Relay common interface
    3, NC1--NC2: Relay normal close, short connected with COM before pulling inand suspended after pulling in.
    High and low level trigger option:

    1. S1-S2 is the high level trigger selection of relay 1 Channel -2 Channel.
    2. When COM is short connected with LOW, the corresponding relay is LOW level trigger, while when COM is short connected with high end is high level trigger.
    Package Included:

    1 x 2 Channel 5V Relay Module

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