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    4Pcs/pack Transparent Silicone Cling Seal Film Multifunctional Food Fresh Keeping Saran Wrap

    Manufacturer: Serier Electronics
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    SKU: BG-1298610

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    Test fold: Oval


    Description :

    4Pcs/pack Transparent Silicone Cling Film Multifunctional Food Fresh Keeping Saran Wrap Food Wraps Seal Vacuum Cover

    -The food grade silica gel has strong absorb-ability, good sealing, and can be sealed for fresh food, and the heat resistance and cold resistance are good.
    -It can be used in microwave oven heating. 
    -It can also be used as a anti-slip tea pad.
    -Easy to clean the material soft, can be used repeatedly.
    Specification :

    Material Silicone
    Color Transparent
    Weight 70g
    L : 19.3*19.3cm  (1Pcs)
    M : 14.4*14.4cm (2Pcs)
    S : 9.5*9.5cm (1Pcs)

    Package Includes :

    4 x Transparent Silicone Cling Film

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