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    360 Rotate Tap Bubbler Filter Aerator Net Water Saving Device Nozzle Faucet Fitting

    Manufacturer: Serier Electronics

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    SKU: BG-943078

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    Description :  

    360° RotateTap Bubbler Filter Aerator Net Water Saving Device Nozzle Faucet Fitting

    This is a kitchen tap bubbler filter with water-saving applications.
    2 Position Head - by pulling the chrome plated head, the gentle aerator spray becomes a powerful jet.
    A fine, built-in dirt strainer captures sand and dirt particles.
    To clean, you just need remove the strainer and rinse it off under the water.
    This unit produces a champagne effect flow that negates any splash back in the basin at the same time, increasing wetting ability and performance.

    Fits all standard taps with M22 external thread and internal thread M24 - gasket included

    Feature :  

    1. Save energy : Water saving 30%~70% (compared with standard bubbler)
    2. Increase the water pressure : Prevent water flowed, and the air is mixed with water is good, the water feels soft, enhanced water momentum, cleaning more convenient.
    3. 360° rotation : Water can easily covers the whole sink, never worry about clean the sink in cold winter.
    4. Humanized design, easy to install
    5. Easy to clean : Water bubbler contains filter, can be at ease use.

    Specification :  

    Size : Approx.60 x35(bottom dia.)x21(top inner dia.) mm
    Adapter outter dia. : 22mm
    Materials : Cuprum + ABS + Stainless Steel
    Color : Sliver + Black

    Package Includes :  

    1 x Water Tap Bubbler(Gasket Included)

    Details Pictures :


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