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    20cm Bonsai Tools Long Handle Scissors Garden Pruning Shears Buds Tender Leaves Scissors

    Manufacturer: Serier Electronics

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    SKU: BG-1128390

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    Description :
    The Scissor handle and shear head are long, suitable for trimming bonsai branches.
    Longer handle, cut effort, made with forged stainless tool steel, strong and durable.
    The blade is very thin, suitable for the delicate bud.
    Long handle, save effort, easy to use.
    This scissor is the most useful tool for Bonsai.

    Specifications :
    Color : Black
    Material : Steel
    Type : Long Handle
    Length : 20cm / 7.87''
    Blade Length : 6cm / 2.36''

    Package inclulded :
    1 x Bonsai Scissor

    Warm Note :
    1. every time after you use the tool to wipe clean, wipe the tool resin residue, impurities and water, and then coated with anti-rust oil (no rust preventive oil ,oil can replace).
    2. all kinds of tools should be all in their job. do not use like this, Such as: the use of oblique mouth clamp don't come off aluminum wire, also cannot use scissors to cut the ball. The roots have sand easily lead to tool gap.
    3. grinding tools should be at least 1000 objective to grind grindstone or sandpaper used should be circumspect, grinding tool, so as not to cause the opening out.
    4. do not knock rivet scissors intermediate with a hammer, so as not to affect the use of rivets loose.
    5. sharp edge, the user be careful operation, placed in a place where children can not touch.

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